Aloha !!!!

.... from Alba Xandrí, the first triathlete, of CN Sallent, finisher at IM Hawai .....


I just want to thank all of you for supporting me. It was great to know that we were not alone. Thanks!

The race was kind of strange for me. I am happy with the result, but I did suffered on the bicycle. I swam in 1:16h which is not that bad. I received a lot of punching, but I survived. There were some currents, because on the way back I took much longer.

On the bicycle, the problems started. My legs did not have the power to go until km. 30. After that, I was doing well apart from the wind. I decided not to worry much about the average and keep on going. I was sure that I would have a tail wind on the way back to Kona. But it never happened. The wind was stronger every time. Anyway, I think that those 180km have been the longer ones in my life. (And it was not one of the worst years in Kona, concerning the wind!). I took 6:13h! I could not believe it that I took more than 6 hours on the bike.

Finally, I was on my trainers starting the marathon. I was worried about the hot, but I managed very well. No problem at all. Every time I felt stronger running. I did 3:41h. Cesc was telling me to keep on the same pace. He was telling me that I looked very strong. This made me feel very good, because, as most of you know, you do not feel any strong when you have run 10Km and there are still 32 more to go.

Anyway, I finished with 11:18h and I had to make a short visit to the medical tent. I felt very dizzy, and after half an hour I was the same. You won't believe that the doctors there gave two bags of Doritos and Cheetos and I was recovered after 20 minutes. I will never understand our bodies!

Hope that my story inspires you. I do not want to put you off from sport!!!

Take care all of you!


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